It doesn't have to be complicated to be valuable.

The First Mate Marine Limited Warranty is designed to give the maximum amount of coverage for the minimum amount of involvement.  Submit the warranty registration and keep the documentation with the boat. If there is ever a problem, just call the number on the warranty certificate and we'll assign a claim number and start working with you or your shop right away. Whether you're home or leave home, the First Mate Marine Warranty department is prepared to work with professionals where you are to get you back in the water.


Warranty Comparison

Some warranties are pro-rated:
That means the older warranty is the less it is worth. Parts that are fully paid may only be worth a small fraction later in the warranty period.  A big labor amount early in the warranty period may shrink to almost nothing by the end of the warranty period! Always look for a non-pro-rated warranty.

The First Mate Marine Limited Warranty is not pro-rated:
It is worth as much on the last day as it was on the first. If a part was fully paid on the first day, it will be fully paid as long as the warranty is in force.

Some warranties are not transferable:
If you want to sell something with a non-transferable warranty the value of the warranty becomes zero at the moment of sale. It is almost impossible to recover the value of your investment. Insist on the transferable warranty.

The First Mate Marine Limited Warranty if fully and automatically transferable:
Just throw the owner's document in the glove box of your boat and should there ever be a covered problem, whoever owns the boat will be able to claim the full value of the warranty.

Some warranties require transfer documentation fees:
Some warranties are transferable but they often require you to complete and submit a transfer form along with a transfer fee, sometimes $50 or more. You have to pay again for something you thought you had already paid for. Look for a warranty that has no complicated rules or transfer charges.

No transfer form!
Just throw the owners document in the glove box, and the warranty follows the boat.

No transfer fee!
If there is a covered failure, whoever owns the boat just calls the factory.

Some warranties are good at a limited group of shops:
Some installations require that you return to the installing shop for warranty work and others may only require you to go to a shop that the company specifies. Look for a warranty that allows you the freedom to move or travel. We call the First Mate Marine Limited Warranty or "Anywhere Warranty": We call it the anywhere warranty because it is good practically anywhere. All you do is call the number on your owner's document and we'll take it from there. We'll even help located a professional near you who can work with your warranty representative to get you moving again.

Some warranties are managed by insurance companies:
We all know what it's like to try to get a fair and reasonable settlement from an insurance company. Look for a warranty that is managed by the company that made the product. The company that makes the product always maintains the vested interest in keeping customers happy while a disinterested third party has nothing at stake in your satisfaction.

The First Mate Marine Limited Warranty is managed by First Mate Marine:
The phone number on your First Mate Marine Limited Warranty will get you a warranty representative right here at the factory. You and your mechanic will be talking with a trained professional who has access to all the records and other factory professionals necessary to get your problem resolved.




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— Block Warranties 

Marine Long Blocks

Pleasure Craft Boats:

12 Month Parts and Labor*
24 Month Parts

Commercial or Charter Boats:
12 Month Parts and Labor*


Marine Short Blocks

Pleasure Craft Boats:

12 Month Parts and Labor*

Commercial or Charter Boats:
12 Month Parts and Labor*


Marine Performance

Pleasure Craft Boats:

12 Month Parts and Labor*

Commercial or Charter Boats:
No warranty*

— Head Warranties 

Marine Heads
90 Days Parts and Labor*


* See the actual warranty documents
for details


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